Eat Healthy Food Bee Pollen

Do you know what Bee Pollen is? Pollen is the male reproductive elements in plants are golden yellow fine powder form. Pollen found in plants flower stamens. Each pollen grain contains 100,000 to 5 million pollen spores that have the reproductive ability of forming a flower, fruit, grain, trees, and so forth.

How Bees Collecting Pollen? In addition to sucking the honey bees also collect pollen, in particular by pollen from the stamen powder erode interest by using the jaws and forefoot. After pollen moistened with honey bees then rear leg comes comb to comb the pollen and pollen will put it into the pockets of pollen in the hind legs.

Bee pollen is a very good healthy food for our bodies. Lots of useful content of bee pollen for the human body. Bee Pollen contains 18 amino acids, 8 of them essential, 12 vitamins, 28 minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, essential fatty acids 14, 11 and 30% protein, carbohydrate. Pollen is easily digested and very rich in nutrients for humans.

Why Bee Pollen is the Healthy Food?
  • Scripture monotheistic religions, such as Psalms, Law, Gospel, and Al- Qur'an have been called the bee as an amazing source of natural food.
  • Sources of ancient cultures to write the same things, such as records of eastern Asia, ancient Greek, Roman, Middle Eastern countries, and various other ethnic groups.
  • The 20th century is a time of rediscovery of pollen as the only supplement perfect on this earth, so that the resulting 'the term "pollen is o miracle food". That means the truth of the efficacy of pollen that has been known for years, received, used, and allowed to return by experts and doctors of today, through laboratory research and scientific experiments empirically.
  • Prof. Nicolai Vasilleivich Tsitsin, Chairman of the Russian institute of Biology and Botany: When researching Russian citizens over 100 years old. Apparently more than 200 respondents who researched all keep bees. And they eat the residue of honey as a staple food that is rich in content of bee pollen.
  • Dr. Paavo Airola, renowned nutrition expert, a biology and medicine and holistic health from America, said, "Honey bee pollen is a food Palling 'rich' in nature, merit increase endurance, speed up the healing process, has rejuvenating properties, and slow down the process aging ".
  • Mme. Aschenasy Leru, The Center for Scientific Research "'France, Paris, found that pollen containing 40-80% free glutamic acid (a type of protein that is not made by humans), which prevents blood clots in the brain; overcome addiction to alcohol and increased IQ, including the children who suffer from mental retardation, concentration and learning ability.
With accustomed to eating bee pollen will make a healthy lifestyle in itself. So many of the benefits contained in this healthy food so it is recommended to be consumed every day.

Bee Pollen Benefits:
  1. Improve IQ  
  2. Prevent cancer attacks  
  3. Impotent, menopause, infertility  
  4. Keeping the cells stay young through cell renewal.  
  5. As an important antioxidant efficacious compared with other natural foods. 
  6. Help overcome heart problems because bee pollen is rich in enzymes routine. 
  7. Anti-Aging. 
  8. Eliminate fatigue-supporting energy.
  9. Triglyceride 
  10. Arthritis.  
  11. Diabetes.
  12. High Blood Pressure.
  13. Anemia.
  14. Asthma.  
  15. Diet, ulcer disease.
  16. Prostate disorders. 
  17. Varicose veins.


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